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St. George Serbian Orthodox Church is a parish of The Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America. The parish was established on May 4, 1952 when the thirty founders met with their spiritual father, Fr. Nikolaj Dazgich. Today, our growing community welcomes all to worship with us and to inquire about our Orthodox Christian Faith. We eagerly look forward to your visit. God bless you!
Address: 3025 Denver Street, San Diego, CA, 92117; Tel. 619-276-5827


Schedule for the Sacrament of Holy Confession

6:00 p.m. Every Saturday during Great Lent, following Vespers

9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Every Sunday during Matins

Weekdays by appointment with Parish Clergy (Call 619-276-5827)


DURING GREAT LENT, and the other fasts of the Church Year, it is customary for all Orthodox Christians to go to confession to their priest.

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Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross Celebrated in Prizren

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Palm Sunday in the Orthodox Church

Palm Sunday summons us to behold our king: the Word of God made flesh-Jesus Christ. We are called to behold Him not simply as the One who came to us once riding on a colt, but as the One who is always present in His Church, coming ceaselessly to us in power and glory at every Eucharist, in every prayer and sacrament, and in every act of love, kindness and mercy.

Palm Sunday

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Orthodox Christian Celebration Of The Saturday Of Lazarus

The Saturday of Lazarus is celebrated with the Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom. The day and commemoration receives its name from the miracle of Christ recorded in the Gospel.
Lazarus Sat.

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The Prayer ‘Par Excellence’ of Great Lent: St. Ephraim’s Prayer

O Lord and Master of my life, take from me the spirit of sloth, despair, lust for power and idle talk.

But grant unto me, Thy servant, a spirit of chastity, humility, patience and love.

Yea, O Lord and King, grant that I may see my own transgressions, and not to judge my brother, for blessed art Thou unto the ages of ages. Amen.
St. Ephraim the Syrian

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